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Synchrotron radiation is recognized by specialists as one of the most called for instruments for a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied research in physics, materials science, biology, medicine and chemistry. Today around 40 sources of such type operate in the world, and new devices are developed and built. One of them is installed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) located on Long Island, New York. Not long ago the latest synchrotron radiation source NSLS-II (National Synchrotron Light Source) with a record high design beam intensity for machines of such class has been constructed there. The specialists of the Budker Institute

Press conference on results of the contract implementation regarding the creation of a synchrotron radiation source at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. From left to right: Sergei Shiyankov, Andrei Steshov, Yevgeny Levichev, Sergei Gurov and Pavel Cheblakov.

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of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk) developed a basic unit called booster, an electron storage accelerator with a 158 m perimeter which accelerates the energy beam from 200 MeV to 3 GeV. According to the Science in Siberia newspaper a press conference was held at the institute on April 22, 2014, devoted to a successful execution of this contract valued at US$ 14 mln concluded with the Brookhaven National Laboratory four years ago. The Novosibirsk journalists got to know about the course and results of that scale work from its key participants: Yevgeny Levichev, Dr. Sc. (Phys. & Math.), deputy director for science of the institute, Andrei Steshov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), head of the experimental production. Sergei Shiyankov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), head of the design department, Sergei Gurov, research fellow and Pavel Cheblakov, junior research associate.

The newspaper reminds us of the fact that in May of 2010 the institute won an international tender for de-

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velopment of this accelerator. In line with the contract terms the institute undertook to perform a whole range of works, from calculation, design, manufacture and setting of equipment to delivery, assembly of the accelerator at the American laboratory, start-up and obtaining of indicators which met the design objectives. Levichev noted that the booster synchrotron was one of the major "turnkey" devices developed by the Siberian institute.

The booster configuration includes above a thousand of items. Besides they are not, as a rule, of mass production. The institute employs 400 units of production equipment 300 of which are processing machine-tools. A major part of items were manufactured on this production basis essentially extended in the course of work under the foreign project.

The newspaper stresses that modern accelerators require manufacturing accuracy of plates less than 15 micron thick on base surfaces. The institute mastered production of precision dies as heretofore they were produced at other enterprises of the Siberian region. Plates were cut from electrotechnical sheet steel with adhesive coating and baked in special ovens. The BNL specialists came for coordination of technical problems at the stage of manufacture of the first serial specimens.

Under the contract the institute was responsible also for a protection system of the booster equipment. Therefore, the specialists provided for a correct cut-off of the equipment in case of possible extraordinary situations. An extra proving ground was constructed for developing of control systems (architect Pavel Cheblakov) and synchronization of the facility.

The booster was delivered to the USA in 12 container trucks to St. Petersburg, then by sea to New York port and further to Long Island, a point of permanent dislocation of the accelerator. After its delivery our physicists and engineers carried out water, electrical and even geodetic tests of each assembly. Levichev recollected: "At the end of 2013 we obtained the first beam. But we managed to reach the design parameters actually in two years."

Timur Shaftan, research fellow of the Brookhaven National Laboratory told in his interview to the Vesti Novosibirsk TV program: "This machine will serve to open up new medicines and materials because powerful and very bright beams will allow studies of chemical and biological processes."

Pavel Cheblakov, who returned recently from BNL where he had trained American specialists in booster control, noted at the press conference that our American colleagues highly appreciate the technological level of our institute and are very interested in further cooperation with the Siberian scientists.

Booster for Brookhaven.--"Science in Siberia" newspaper, No. 16, 2014

Photos of the Institute of Nuclear Physics

Prepared by Marina KHALIZEVA


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