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Part 1 Nature of Gravitation and Mechanism of its Influence referred to gravitation origin due to with neutrino motion. In Part 2 Gravitation and Acts of Nature the author assumes that earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes and cyclones are formed due to gravitation density change within the certain areas of the Earth. This is a prior assumption of this paper while common theories do not attribute gravitation to such processes.  Neutrino flows coming from open space towards the central core of the Earth penetrating atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere slightly change their direction. Within magnetic field such deviation became controlled thus focusing gravitation flow.   Depending on type of the magnetic overtaxing vertical neutrino flow in ionosphere becomes narrow or wide thus rising gravity abnormalities within certain zones.  Such gravitation abnormalities compress or expand air, water and rock in the certain areas of the earth surface.  Rapid localization of magnetic vortexes within the Earth magnetic field normalizes gravitation level thus sharply expanding either compressing certain areas in air, water and rock. Consequences of such processes are known as natural disasters.  To prove the gravitation presence in such acts of nature the author gives numerous indirect signs of changes of gravitation force, herewith, especially emphasizing on lowering of the gravitation level that is expressed by the state of the surrounding.  Such signs were studied by systemic analysis and the generated findings shown a certain relationships in seismic processes.  The major factor here is that the environment is dynamically exposed to the compression by the flow of gravitation carrier. As a result, earlier so clear and apparent processes have got a very different features, its origin now is more regular and logically explainable.  There is a convening evidence that once have determined a correct mechanism of occurrence of natural disasters and their cause–effect interrelations people may  efficiently forecast and take control over these processes.  Volcanic eruption, for instance, occurs not due magma blowout from the Earth mantle but as a consequence of fusion reaction inside the throat of such natural nuclear reactor. Driving force of the vertical air flow in cyclone is not temperature expansion but gravitation expansion of the air. Earthquake happens due to focusing of gravitation occurring at different depths, thus more clearly explaining that its source locates in the mantle of 700km deep. Radioactivity of chemical elements is the sequence of gravity lowering within certain rocks that earlier had been formed under conditions of excessive gravitation density. Gas, water and solids change their features with the excessive density, while physical and chemical processes are accelerated. Gradual and long change of gravitation density leads to conversion of living organisms and plants.  This paper is aimed at scientists and qualified experts. It teems with theoretical ideas that should be subjected to development in new studies in the field of seismic and meteorology. 


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Adayev U.Z., Gravitation is a Trigger for Acts of Nature // Kiev: Library of Ukraine (ELIBRARY.COM.UA). Updated: 11.08.2019. URL: (date of access: 22.02.2024).

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Уалихан Адаев
Шымкент, Kazakhstan
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11.08.2019 (1656 days ago)
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