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On February 5, 2003, the Academy of Diplomacy of Ukraine and Institute for International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University held a scientific and practical conference Ukraine & Modern Orient: Status and Prospects for Cooperation where Ukrainian and foreign diplomats and scientists participated. Contributed papers of the conference will be published in an individual book. Here, we present the most interesting reports of the participants.

V. YELCHENKO, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Cooperation between Ukraine and Oriental countries is among the strategic targets of Ukraine's foreign policy. Pursuant to Decree of the President of Ukraine On Measures for Improving Coordination of Executive Bodies' Activities in the Sphere of International Relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is entrusted with coordination of the international relations and implementation of this Decree, including cooperation with the Near East, Middle East and Far East, as well as with the Central and South-Eastern Asia countries, i. e. regions forming the eastern trend of Ukraine's foreign policy.

Since Ukraine won its independence in 1991, it has been efficiently developing and improving its foreign policy and international relations with the Oriental world. Priority tasks of Ukraine's foreign policy were set as follows:

* to organize and hold state, official, working and interdepartmental visits;

* to hold bilateral intergovernmental meetings on trade and economic cooperation;

* to organize and hold bilateral poli-tical consultations at the level of foreign ministries;

* to promote Ukrainian enterprises and companies for gaining new markets;

* to investigate and analyze foreign policy, internal policy, social and economic situation in the oriental countries in the context of Ukraine's interests;

* to improve contractual and legal basis for the international relations;

* to coordinate activities of Ukraine's diplomatic missions and to keep working contacts with the Oriental countries' em-bassies to Ukraine.

Having analyzed the present-day situation and prospects for the development of relations between Ukraine and the Oriental world in the light of Ukraine's national interests in this part of the globe, we can see that this cooperation is of paramount importance for

стр. 87

Ukraine. Political support, efficient utilization of financial, investment and technological potential and adoption of experience of the Eastern advanced economies, including industrial countries of the Asian and Pacific Region (APR), may ensure favorable conditions for reforming Ukraine's economy and its integration into the global economy.

Development of mutually beneficial relations with the Oriental countries is one of the strategic priorities of Ukraine's foreign policy, the graphic evidence of this statement being enhancing of bilateral contacts at the top official level and stable upward trend of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the Eastern countries, primarily with the APR members (in 2002, the trade turnover reached USD 6 billion).

It should be noted that in 2002, Ukraine opened its diplomatic headquarters in Kuwait, Thailand, Singapore and in Malaysia. At the beginning of 2003, Ukraine's diplomatic mission will start to work in Jordan. As a whole, as of today, there are thirty two Ukraine's missions in the Oriental Region. Such a large expansion of Ukraine's diplomatic presence in the East shows its great interest in cooperation with countries of this region.

Cooperation with the Eastern countries is developing due to enhancing political dialogue within the framework of international organizations, primarily, the United Nations. In this case, the key aspect of development of bilateral relations is a mutual political support in the international organizations and coordination of political positions on the key issues of bilateral, regional and global policies.

Another aspect of cooperation is enhancing of trade and economic contacts, including restoration of traditional economic relations established in the USSR epoch and gaining of new regional markets, especially in the sphere of high-tech industry.

Inasmuch as the capacious Eastern markets (especially, in the APR countries, the Central Asia and Middle East) are less regulated and more accessible than the North American or the European ones and the Ukrainian standards are technologically compatible with the standards of some Eastern states the cooperation with the above countries in the trade and economic sphere is of vital importance for Ukraine.

Taking into account the above, Ukraine should pay much attention towards gaining of capacious markets of large Asian countries for promoting competitive Ukrainian- made machine-building, metallurgical, chemical and other industrial products.

As regards the humanitarian relations Ukraine's efforts are aimed at restoring traditional contacts in the filed of education and medicine.

Naturally, this list may be extended to new fields of contacts which allow Ukraine to demonstrate its potential in the new international reality.

In recent years, Ukraine showed itself to be an active player in the peace-keeping process in the Middle East. The graphic evidence is Ukraine's peace-making proposals declared by Leonid Kuchma, the President of Ukraine, during his visit to Jordan, last year, as well as the President's initiative on holding the Israel-Palestine negotiations in Ukraine, and mission of Ukraine's plenipotentiary in the Near and Middle East.

The last Ukraine's initiative to be implemented is a proposal to hold the International Meeting for Peace-Keeping in the Middle East under the aegis of the United Nations, this May, in Kyiv.

Despite negative advertising of the Ukrainian goods in the international mass media the economic contacts between Ukraine and the Oriental countries show a positive dynamics. Many contracts and agreements on cooperation have been made and signed between economic entities of the both parties.

A lot of ado about mythical sale of the

стр. 88

Ukrainian Kolchuhas to Iraq testifies to Ukraine's powerful industrial, scientific and technical potential. Our potential in the sphere of hi-tech industry has been utilized in contracts on production of AN-140 aircraft for Iran, and Egypt Sat space sounding satellite for Egypt.

Today, Ukraine focuses its activities on the organization and holding of visits and other political measures at the top official level, the best indicator of regional priorities in cooperation with the Oriental world. The recent years are marked with intensified collaboration between Ukraine and the countries of the APR, the Near and Middle East, including visits of Ukraine's President to China, India, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates, as well as visits of Foreign Minister Anatoliy Zlenko to China, countries of Persian Gulf, Egypt and Algeria, visit of Iran's President Mohammed Hatami to Ukraine and numerous political consultations and intergovernmental meetings on trade and economic cooperation and numerous interdepartmental visits by both parties. This year, Ukraine's President Kuchma plans to visit the South-Eastern Asia countries for promoting mutually beneficial cooperation with these countries.

It means cooperation for the sake of both parties, aimed at enhancing contacts and realizing Ukraine's national interests, for example, in relations with the Arab Peninsula states - at attracting investments in Ukraine's economy and intensifying political dialogue with them; in relations with Iran, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon - at gaining local markets of goods and services.

A distinguishing feature of cooperation with the eastern countries is a necessity in a strong political basis for the development of trade and economic relations, the official visits and meetings being a catalyst of enhancing the bilateral economic relations. Thus, both political and economic aspects are the key factors of cooperation with the Oriental countries.

Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the cooperation between Ukraine and the eastern countries has determined our political and economic priorities and prospects, intensified the political dialogue, raised Ukraine's authority on the international scene, opened new markets for the Ukrainian producers and created favorable conditions for the development and enhancing of relations not only between the countries, but also between the nations.

Ahmad SADEG-BONAB, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine: The present-day world is pretty diversified. It incorporates a lot of important factors and actors involved in the global performance. The rapid dynamics of world developments causes expanding the global telecommunication networks and new technologies in the world information system. A new system of international relations has resulted in a free-will choice of domestic and foreign policy and involvement in solving international problems, i. e. the countries and nations are primarily guided by their national and security interests when pursuing their regional and global policy.

Striving for achieving the priority targets results in a gradual strengthening of the global democratic cooperation and in focusing of the international activities on the general humane principles, such as a peace, security, justice, evolution and progress.

Eternal aspiration for cooperation will help the world to overcome conflicts and hostility. Thus, taking into account the multi-vector trends of the world policy, we can promote solving international problems and settling global and regional crises due to cooperation and community of interests.

Current international problems concern the whole world community which has to join its

стр. 89

efforts for their solving in a democratic manner. The democracy excludes imparity and dictatorship of any individual country at whatever level of international relations. Under these conditions it is very important that the countries could criticize behavior of others in the world arena.

The globalization may cause positive effect only under practical equality of rights and privileges for all the world countries and their total involvement in the world evolution.

A scheme of dialogue between civilization proposed by outstanding thinker, President of Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Hatami, and approved by a majority of the United Nations members sets forth ensuring of peace and international security, protection of human rights, environmental protection and mutual respect.

The foreign policy of Islamic Republic of Iran is based on the principles of equality, dialogue, cooperation, non-intervention in domestic affairs of other countries, strengthening of international friendship and multi-vector structure of the world.

Unfortunately, after the tragic event of September 11, 2001, in the USA, the anti- terrorism motifs and political liabilities of the world community were transformed into groundless and unjust accusations of individual persons, groups or states and unilateral interpretation of political, economic and military measures for achieving both national and international targets and striving of individual countries for the global predominance.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes the struggle against terrorism should be pursued on the basis of the international law, under the United Nations supervision.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Ukraine, due to their rich historical and cultural legacy, common interests at the global, regional and bilateral levels, as well as favorable geopolitical and economic location, have a pretty good potential for the development of cooperation in the political, economic and cultural sphere.

Fortunately, our state leaders have realized a paramount importance of our cooperation and made some steps on the path towards enhancing the bilateral political, economic and cultural relations, including signing of more than ten agreements and memorandums on cooperation and creation of legislative basis for the partnership.

Today, we should implement all the signed agreements and work for diversification and balancing of our relationships.

Last October, during the visit of Iran's President to Ukraine, the Presidents of both countries signed an agreement on the principles of cooperation between Iran and Ukraine thereby proving their firm intention to develop and strengthen the bilateral relations.

Favorable location of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the middle eastern region, on the one hand, and strategic location of Ukraine in Europe, on the other hand, as well as common interpretation of the pressing global problems may lay a foundation for the extended regional and bilateral cooperation in the sphere of settlement of regional crises, peace-keeping and ensuring of the global security and economic stability

I would like not only to describe our bilateral relations, but also to emphasize a vital necessity in cooperation in the airspace sphere (including joint production of passenger aircraft Iran-140), and in implementing the project for transit of the Iranian gas through Ukraine to Europe.

Our potential in material and cultural cooperation is still much higher than the results achieved. Further implementation of these projects will promote ensuring of national interests of both countries.

Cooperation in the cultural sphere is realized through wide scientific relations between higher educational establishments of our countries. More than 1,500 Iranian

стр. 90

students are studying in the Ukrainian universities, eight hundred Ukrainian students are studying the Persian language and literature in twelve educational institutions of Ukraine.

I hope, preparations for visits of Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Religion, and Minister of Science, Research and Technologies to Ukraine, as well as signing of programs for cooperation in the field of culture, science, education and sport, and a memorandum on mutual understanding of cooperation in the sphere of science and education allows us to promote a progress of our bilateral relations in all the spheres, in so far as the culture is a ground for political and economic cooperation, the scientific elite and scholars establishing directions of its development.

Jang SHIN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to Ukraine: Ten years have elapsed since the date of establishing diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and Ukraine. However, the political, cultural and scientific contacts between them are pretty close and efficient.

For a more than two-year period of staying in Ukraine I perceive our countries have much in common in both cultural and historical aspects. The both countries have preserved their rich historical legacy and cultural traditions, their aspirations for enlightenment and strong national will.

Inasmuch as in the globalization epoch the key factor of international relations is a mutual understanding based on the friendship and mutual sympathy, our countries have pretty good prospects for cooperation. I would like to analyze in detail the results of the ten-year cooperation in political, economical, cultural and scientific fields.

At the first stage, the political cooperation was aimed at laying foundation for the collaboration in the trade and economic sphere. Official visit of Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma, in 1996, visits of Foreign Ministers of the both countries, numerous meetings at the United Nations General Assembly, visits of parliamentary delegations, visit of the Head of the Inter-Parliamentary Relations Committee of Korea as a special envoy of the Korea's President and many other visits promoted the development and strengthening of friendly relations between our countries.

On this basis the parties have held bilateral political consultations, created joint committees on trade, science and technology, comprehensively discussed prospects for future cooperation and signed more than twenty agreements, including Agreement on Joint Protection of Investments, Agreement on Preventing Double Taxation, etc. Twelve agreements on cooperation are under consideration.

Strong friendly political relations allowed Korea to enlist Ukraine's support in the international arena, including policy as regards the North Korea. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called upon the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to revise its decision on the renunciation of Non-proliferation Treaty since it interprets this as a threat to peace on the Korean Peninsula. Ukraine and Korea are developing mutually beneficial relations by supporting important decisions, candidature of the General Secretary of the United Nations and heads of other international organizations.

Korea's government made its best endeavors to help the Ukrainian government and people in developing the national economy and implementing democratic and market transformations.

For the period from 1992 till 2002 the Korean government invited through the ! (the Korean International Cooperation Agency) 207 Ukrainians for probation and sent eight specialists and ten volunteers to Ukraine, granted material aid worth USD 6,300,000, first aid worth more than USD 200,000, and

стр. 91

humanitarian aid worth USD 170,000, etc. the total sum exceeding USD 20 million. Last year, Korea granted to charitable fund Ukraine for Children a medical equipment worth more than USD 100 thousand for the rehabilitation of children suffered from Chornobyl disaster.

Korea invites the Ukrainian probationers and students to share its advanced experience with the Ukrainian employees and officials. This year, we plan to invite 39 Ukrainians, working on 16 directions of cooperation and to increase a number of probationers in the future.

Cooperation in the economic sphere was also very efficient. Last year, the trade turnover between our countries reached USD 400 million, which was 25 per cent more as compared with 2001. In 2002, Korea's exports to Ukraine totaled USD 220 million, the main items being products of SAMSUNG, LG, DAEWOO: conditioners, computers, mobile terminals, etc., whereas the main Ukraine's imports are metal-roll and wheat totaling USD 230 million.

It should be noted that such leading Korean companies like SAMSUNG Electronics, LG Electronics and DAEWOO Electronics have been greatly involved in cooperation. The total Korean investments in Ukraine have exceeded USD 160 million. Despite the fact that the trade turnover has reached USD 400 million, our countries still have a huge potential for increasing turnover and investments.

Cooperation in the cultural, scientific and technical sphere also has yielded good fruits. Last year, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary since establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries Korea's Embassy published a Ukrainian- language guide Korea Today. To familiarize the Ukrainians with the diverse cultural world of Korea it has hold a festival of Korea's movies, days of Korean music and theatre and scientific conferences. During the World Soccer Cup UT-1 channel broadcast all the matches and programs about Korea.

Since 1999, Korea has annually held days of traditional folk music, in Kyiv's Day, highly appreciated by the Ukrainian music lovers. This year, we also plan to invite the Korean troupe.

It should be noted that today, more than forty Korean students are studying in the Ukrainian educational establishments. Korean Departments are working at the Kyiv National Linguistic University, the Kyiv National University, Institute for International Relations and at the Klovsky College, where young Ukrainians study Korean language. From year to year a number of the Ukrainians visiting Korea increases by 30 per cent.

The Ukrainian art was represented in Korea by a concert tour of musicians of the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, art exhibitions and a concert tour of the Odesa Children Chorus. All these actions allow the Korean people to familiarize themselves with Ukraine's culture. Korean and Ukrainian scholars carry out joint research. We also plan to open Department of Ukrainian Language at the Ukrainian Center in Korea.

Today, the world more than whenever needs a civilized dialogue and cultural contacts. I hope, the development and strengthening of interrelationship due to the cultural and scientific cooperation will be a firm and reliable basis for mutually beneficial collaboration. I believe, our governments and people should extend the exchange in the sphere of culture, science and arts, as well as intensify the cooperation.

The both countries have their advantages and may complement each other. Korea has a great experience in ensuring rapid economic growth, building democratic society and recovering the economy after financial crises.

In addition, Korea has a huge potential in electronics, semiconductor technologies,

стр. 92

motorcar construction, shipbuilding and other hi tech fields.

Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe, behind the Russian Federation, with about a 50-million population, may take a lead in wheat production due to its fertile soils, and has advanced experience in space and military technologies.

During the ten years of cooperation, despite variable international situation, Ukraine and Korea have managed to establish and keep mutual confidence and friendly relations. Undoubtedly, it is a firm basis for further development of our partnership.

I think, if the both countries join their efforts for converting advantages, such as experience in the economic growth and market economy, on the part of Korea, and huge labor resources and fundamental research, on the other hand, they may promote the rapprochement of two continents in the 21st century, thereby making their contribution in the revival of the Great Silk Route.

I am proud of our being pioneers of partnership and cooperation between two continents. At the same time it makes us responsible for this process.

Vu Siong Huan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to Ukraine: My report Relations between Vietnam and Ukraine: Status and Prospects consists of three parts:

* Specific features of relations between Vietnam and Ukraine.

Firstly, although Vietnam and Ukraine established diplomatic relations not long ago, on January 23, 1992, relations between them trace their roots back to the historic past. Earlier, Ukraine, as a part of former USSR, kept friendly relations and cooperated with Vietnam in various spheres.

As Vietnam's President Chan Dick Liong put it during his visit to Ukraine, in 2000, the Ukrainian government and people helped Vietnam in its struggle for reunification. Many Ukrainian specialists worked in economic, military and other spheres, in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese specialists got higher education and took post-graduate courses in Ukraine. Earlier, in 1918, Vietnamese Ton Dick Thang, raised the banner of rebellion on the board of France's warship to stop Entente's military operations against Odesa.

Secondly, two nations have common interests: Vietnam is pursuing a policy of reforms and Ukraine is moving in the direction of the economy's reforms and development of market relations. In the sphere of foreign policy of two countries there are some common approaches to solution of a number of international problems. One of the priority trends in Ukraine's foreign policy is the Asian-Pacific region, development of relations with these countries in all spheres, including Vietnam being a bridge for the development of relations between Ukraine and the countries of this region.

Vietnam's policy as to Ukraine is quite sound. Vietnam has always considered Ukraine to be a friend who side by side with Vietnam stood in struggle for the independence and reunification being its major partner in Europe. Therefore, further strengthening and development of traditional relations and cooperation in different branches at a new phase is a priority of Vietnam's foreign policy.

Vietnam, a country with an 80-million population, is a huge market for Ukraine in the Asian-Pacific region, Ukraine that has a 50-million population and large resources being a large market for Vietnam in Europe. We could nicely complement each other.

Thirdly, thousands of Vietnamese studied and worked in Ukraine; they have a good idea of Ukraine, cherish kindly feelings for Ukraine and now many of them live and work here, this being a principal factor for strengthening of relations between two countries.

I would like to note that among the former

стр. 93

students of different universities of Ukraine there are many people who hold key posts in the governmental structures of Vietnam, for instance, Chairman of the National Meeting of Vietnam Nguen Van An, Deputy Chairman of the National Meeting of Vietnam Nguen Van Yeu, etc.

Fourthly, both nations have much in common in culture and history which promotes a better understanding.

II. Achievements and restrictions in relations between two countries

In the sphere of policy: Leaders of two countries held meetings and visits to achieve mutual understanding, signed agreements to determine trends of cooperation between two countries.

Ukraine was visited by the following top officials of Vietnam: Foreign Minister Nguen Man Kama (October 1993); Prime-Minister U Van Kiet (June 1994); Minister of Social Security Le Min Hiong (September 1999); President Chak Dick Liong (April 2000), Defense Minister Fam Van Cha (May 2000) and Chairman of the National Meeting of Vietnam Nguen Van Ana (January 2003).

Vietnam was visited by Ukraine's Foreign Minister A. Zlenko (April 1994); President L. Kuchma (April 1996); Minister of Internal Affairs Yu. Kravchenko (April 2000); Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs V. Yelchenko (March 2002) and Minister of the Economy A. Shlapak (April 2002).

Parties signed Agreement on the Principles of Relations and Cooperation (April 1996), Common Statement on the basic trends of cooperation (April 2000) and more than thirty agreements on cooperation in different spheres that became a legal basis of relations between two countries. In 1993, an inter-governmental Commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation between Vietnam and Ukraine was established. It has already successfully conducted six meetings.

Trade and economic relations: Commodity turnover between Vietnam and Ukraine has constantly being increased since establishing diplomatic relations from USD 50- 60 million annually (1997-1999) to USD 110 million (2001) and up to USD 230 million in 2002.

Vietnam is exporting to Ukraine tin, coconut oil, tea, coffee, nuts, pepper, paprika, peas, rice, rubber, textile goods, footwear, oriental medicines, handicrafts, its import being the Ukrainian minerals, steel, tires, spare units, special equipment, spare units for power stations Yaly, Thak Mo, equipment for 500 kW transmission lines, etc.

Investments: Currently, Ukraine has five investment projects to a value of $23m. There are three joint effectively operating ventures: joint venture in the sphere of sea transport Lotos, joint venture on processing, design and construction of low-level electric power stations and a joint venture on processing fruits. Construction in the sphere of power engineering is a basic trend of cooperation between Vietnam and Ukraine; electric power stations Hoa Bin, Thak, Mo, Yaly and 500kW transmission lines are currently under construction. Projects of joint construction of Kan Dan and Sesan-3 are being realized, today. An advantage of this model of cooperation is barter operations when 65 per cent of payments are made by equipment and services, 35% of payments being paid in currency. Such way of settlements facilitates the development of trade between two countries. In other spheres such as shipbuilding, construction, agriculture, etc. there are agreements on joint projects, but they are realized slowly because of financial problems. The Vietnamese companies have already made investments in Ukraine, especially in Kharkiv (USD 18.5 million) and in Ternopil (USD 0.5 million), production of vermicelli and plastic goods, packaging materials and services.

Cooperation in the sphere of science, technologies and education: Vietnam and

стр. 94

Ukraine have already signed Agreement on cooperation in the sphere of science which determines the main priorities between scientific institutions. In 1994, the countries signed an Agreement on cooperation in the military-technical sphere. Ukraine is exporting equipment, spare units for repairing military equipment and is training the Vietnamese specialists and workers by specialty repair of military helicopters and warships.

Prospective and real is also cooperation in the sphere of education. Level of education and quality of studying in the Ukrainian institutions is quite high, cost of studying being quite reasonable, therefore, from year to year a number of the Vietnamese students in Ukraine has being increased. According to some data, today, nearly 550 Vietnamese students are learning in different educational institutions of Ukraine, including seventy persons who study under an interstate agreement, others - at their own expense and under agreements between the Vietnamese organizations and the Ukrainian higher establishments. Respectively, more than twenty Ukrainian students study at different higher educational establishments of Vietnam. A new agreement between Vietnam and Ukraine is to be signed during a visit of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Cooperation between regions of Vietnam and Ukraine: This trend is a new type of cooperation between two countries and it develops quickly and efficiently. Province Han Hoa has already made some investments into some projects in Kharkiv. Relations of cooperation are being established between Hoshimin and Kyiv, province Dong Hi and Ternopil region, Hanoi and Kyiv. Recently, delegation of Kharkiv region numbering 75 officials and businessmen visited province Han Hoa and Hoshimin which resulted in signing an agreement on cooperation and five investment agreements. It should be noted that our Ukrainian friends return home after their trip to Vietnam with quite a different overview.

Restrictions: The Vietnamese economy and the Ukrainian economy can supplement each other. Vietnam may supply Ukraine with necessary commodities, and vice versa. Traditional friendly relations have been established between two countries; they have a good legal foundation, but a level of trade and economic relations does not correspond to capabilities of both countries. What is the reason?

Firstly, the Vietnamese businessmen still have not adequately broken into the Ukrainian market.

Secondly, the Vietnamese goods are not able to meet competition.

Thirdly, both countries are short of convertible currency which affects a system of mutual settlements.

Fourthly, Ukraine is a country in transition, therefore, the economy is not still stable and the Ukrainian businessmen are lacking capitals for investment activities.

Fifthly, a distance between Vietnam and Ukraine is significant, therefore, cost of goods transportation is high being one of the causes that restricts trade and economic relations between two countries.

* Prospects of relations between Vietnam and Ukraine

In my opinion, prospects of relations between two countries are very promising in the sphere of policy, economy and in other spheres of cooperation, said Viktor Yanukovych during his meeting with Chairman of the National Meeting of Vietnam Nguen Van An.

As indicated during the meeting, firstly, relations between two countries have a long history tried and tested by difficult periods for both countries. There are no contradictions between two countries and, vice versa, there are common views at many fundamental international issues.

Secondly, Vietnam occupies a highly important place in Ukraine's policy regarding

стр. 95

South-Eastern Asia, in particular, and Asia-Pacific region, as a whole. Ukraine plays an important role in the policy of Vietnam's rebuilding. Development and strengthening of friendly relations and cooperation with Ukraine meets open multilateral and diversified foreign policy of Vietnam.

Thirdly, both countries have a necessity to develop cooperation in many spheres, especially in the sphere of the economy and education. Vietnam and Ukraine are able to complement each other for the purpose of development: Ukraine has an advantage in the sphere of industry, extraction of minerals, power engineering, ferrous and non- ferrous metals, engineering industry and shipbuilding, Vietnam having the benefits in the agriculture, light industry, etc.

Fourthly, there exists a comprehensive contractual and legal basis for strengthening and development of relations between two countries.

In order to strengthen traditional friendly bilateral relations between our countries we should do the following:

• To add new agreements and cont-racts to the available ones. To discuss and sign: agreement on scientific degrees and academic ranks; agreement on protection of secret information; agreement on studying of students, etc.

• To intensify exchange of delegations at inter-governmental and inter-state levels.

• To create favorable conditions for activities of businessmen of both countries such as improvement of mechanisms of rea-lizing agreements and contracts in the sphere of the economy, expanding visa rules, rights for labor and residence for Vietnamese com-munities in Ukraine.

• Both countries should assist in ex-changing students in order to extend the range of interests and mutual understanding.

• To strengthen coordination of coope-ration at the international and regional arena.

We can conclude that Vietnam and Ukraine have achieved much success in their relations. However, achievements in trade-economic and educational spheres still do not meet the potential of both parties. Relations between Vietnam and Ukraine are promising since both countries have high potential and considerable opportunity.

Translated by Olha Zahorodnia


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